(Disciples of Christ)

Disciples Women, Community Christian Church

The purpose of Disciples Women is: “To develop a deeper understanding of Christ’s love and salvation for ourselves and others and to provide channels of service to the church, the community, and the world.”

"Open Our Eyes to the Needs of the World"

This is the prayer of the Disciple Women at CCC, in Mid-America Regions, and around the world.


Disciple Women at CCC...

  • meet on the second Monday of each month, March through December for lunch, fellowship, study, and service
  • accumulate and disperse $7,000+ to outreach annually
  • support nine agencies helping lake area men, women, and children
  • support six funds serving people in the US and around the world
  • lead CCC's Festival of Sharing Ministry each fall
  • participate in Area and Regional Disciples Women organizations
  • contribute to CCC's  budget 
  • lead the Apple Pie Ministry in September and October
  • host a church and community Harvest Lunch and Fair Trade Bazaar
  • host a lunch for Newcomers/Longtimers


Whether Disciple Women donate their resources and energy, support fund-raising projects or work with civic and faith-based agencies, they feel good because they make a difference


"May God's presence be with us and God's love surround us as we work together as women of faith"


(2016 -18) Executive Committee: Nancy Johnston, Sara Reiter, Nancy Sassen, Eileen Nelson, Debbie White, Ruth Gross, and Rosemarie Taylor,


Upcoming Events:

Festival of Sharing is October 21, 2017 at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia. Every gift to Festival of Sharing whether cash, check or real goods, helps meet real life needs at home and around the world.   Our 2016 mission gift supported Rainbow Network, 

The media informs us about the tragedies of war, natural disasters, famine, and poverty.

Somehow in the midst of hardship, hunger and want, families survive.

Surviving is not Thriving.

Families in rural Nicaragua find hope through Rainbow Network. We at CCC know something about Rainbow Network.  We know about student scholarships and donating shoes to prevent parasite-born diseases.   Rainbow also has projects for housing, clean water, clinics and micro loans.

Disciples Women Groups

                Buffet Bunch:  Meets the second Monday of the month (except January and February) at 12:00 noon for covered dish luncheon, business meeting and program.  Programs include worship and a study of the current ministries supported by Disciples Women International or a local agency of interest.  Business meetings guide the various service and fund-raising activities. This group supports the Ozark Lakes area and Mid-America region Disciples Women service projects.  Details: Nancy Johnston

                Nimble Thimbles:  Meets each Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for quilting, fellowship and lunch (lunch is brown bag or at a restaurant).  The group supports the Festival of Sharing through donating a quilt or the proceeds from quilting.  Details:  Mim Sisk

                 Prayer Shawl Ministry:  Meets each second Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. to prayerfully knit or crochet prayer shawls for gifts. The shawls are a tangible manifestation of Christian love and care. The group also knits Guidepost sweaters for children. Beginners are welcome to come and learn! Details:  Ruth Gross 

                 Letters ‘n Lunch:  A small volunteer group meets monthly to prepare the Church Newsletter for bulk mailing and then enjoy lunch together.  Details:  Ginny Dorn


                 Sewing Angels:  Projects from this group vary from weighted blankets for persons with special needs to denim shoes for Uganda to costumes for CCC's Children's Ministries.  Details:  Marilyn Davis

                 Wedding Coordination:  This team supports the bridal party for weddings and/or receptions held at the church.  

                 Bereavement Meals:  Meals are prepared and served as needed, after funerals for church members or their families  

Disciples Women Special Events

All Disciple Women are encouraged to attend the Ozark Lakes Area and Mid-America Region events.  Details for each event listed will be available at group meetings and through church newsletter announcements.  All are welcome and transportation for groups can be arranged.

Disciples Women Service Opportunities

Starred projects are undertaken in cooperation with the Outreach Department of the Church.  Others are specifically Disciples Women projects.         
Lake Area Coalition for Human Trafficking: Sara Brown

  1. Human trafficking is the primary concern for women world wide.


Lamb House Volunteers:  Joy Rollins

  1.  On appointed and scheduled days volunteers staff the Lamb House, sorting merchandise, making sales, assisting customers.
  2.  Help by volunteering!

Labels for Woodhaven:  Rosemarie Taylor

  1.  Labels from specified foods are collected in Woodhaven box in Fellowship Hall and delivered to Woodhaven in Columbia by Rosemarie Taylor
  2. Help by collecting coupons

 Shoes for Rainbow Network:  Sara Reiter

  1.  Pre-owned shoes are collected, bagged, and delivered by Sara to Rainbow Network in Springfield for distribution in Nicaragua.
  2.  Help by saving shoes, bagging each pair in a plastic bag, and bringing them to the collection barrel in Fellowship Hall

Festival of Sharing:  Sara Reiter

  1.  Items for distribution through Church World Service are collected, assembled, and delivered to the Festival in Sedalia in October
  2.  Respond to information distributed to the congregation in Sepember by donating requested items or cash.  Help assemble items on the designated work days.  Attend the Festival!


Christmas Is Sharing:  Becky Thompson

  1.  Disciples Women groups provide holiday food and gifts for selected families

Fair Trade:  Sara Reiter

  1.  Gift items created by women in third-world countries are made available for purchase several times during the year and at the Harvest Luncheon.
  2. Help by buying items when they are available


Buddy Packs: Judy Wingate

  1. Items are collected and taking to Camdenton School for distribution to students to have food for the weekend
  2. Help by bringing in food items or monetary donation


CADV: Debbie White

  1. Help supply women and families in the shelter with daily hygiene items, and under garments
  2. Help by bringing in gifts at Christmas and other times during the year when CADV makes requests

                Apple Pie Baking:  This is an annual several-weeks-long project during September and October when apples are plentiful.  Women and men of the church gather on Monday and/or Thursday mornings to peel and slice apples; prepare pie crust dough; assemble pies; bag and freeze pies for sale to the church and community.  Details: Leanna Harrison and Eileen Nelson Pie-making starts mid-September.  

                Fall Harvest Luncheon and Fair Trade Bazaar:  Women and men of the church prepare and serve a fall luncheon on the first Saturday in November, inviting the church and community to enjoy the food and fellowship.  You may help by donating food, helping to serve or cleanup, helping the cooks in the kitchen, decorating tables, helping with publicity and ticket sales.  Details: Sara Reiter    T


             Newcomers/Longitmers: Details Nancy Johnston


 Nimble Thimbles:
Quilting:  Nimble Thimbles offers quilting service throughout the year.  There is usually a waiting list for their service.  The income from their quilting service is donated to a variety of church, community, and world-wide missions.  The Festival of Sharing donation is an annual gift.

The purposes of the remaining Disciples Women groups at Community Christian Church is study or hands-on service to the church and do not engage in financial/fundraising activities. Individuals in these groups may support the projects of the groups listed above.


Contact Joy Rollins or Mim Sisk

Offerings and Pledges:
Women of the church contribute personally to support the work of Disciples Women through free-will offerings at group meetings, offerings at area and regional assemblies, in-kind donations for Festival of Sharing projects, and through donations of time and energy to fundraising projects.  Free-will offerings at meetings are sometimes earmarked to support special projects.

Blessing Box Offerings
The “Blessing Box” is a special gift a Disciples Woman makes in response to the blessings that God has given.  Each day or week or month or year, a Disciples Woman makes a special “over and above” thank offering.  (She accumulates the offering in a special box or jar.) These offerings are collected in September and the Treasurer of Buffet Bunch makes a check for the total amount received which is sent to the Area treasurer where it is combined with Blessing Box offerings from Disciples Women throughout the world to support mission programs of the denomination.  

Disciples Women also may take their Blessing Box offering to the Ozark Lakes Area Fall Assembly or mail a check to the area office clearly marked Blessing Box offering.

All women of Community Christian Church are encouraged to participate in the Blessing Box Offering.

Disciple Women’s Resources
"Just Women" magazine is available for purchase by contacting Nancy Sasseen,Treasurer. It may also be ordered through Christian Board of Publication for about $19 a year. 

This material is an excellent resource for individual or group use.